06.12.2021. Диагностическая работа СтатГрад №1 по английскому языку 11 класс АЯ2110101 (задания и ответы)


  • Официальная работа от СтатГрад
  • Работа включает в себя 1 официальный вариант;
  • Работа соответствует всем последним требованиям и изменениям от ФИПИ;
  • Официальные задания, ответы и критерии проверки будут доступны сразу после оплаты;
  • Инструкция по скачиванию материалов

Некоторые задания:

3. According to Patricia, North American college graduates prefer
1) to live in major cities.
2) to work in big corporations.
3) to live away from parents.

4. Patricia mentions a tradition in North America. Judging by her words, she
1) considers it to be old-fashioned.
2) wants it to continue in the future.
3) believes that it creates problems.

5. Patricia lives in
1) the USA.
2) Canada.
3) the UK.

6. Patricia paid for the house
1) 65 thousand dollars.
2) 150 thousand dollars.
3) 300 thousand dollars.

7. When the presenter exclaims “But you are forgetting the state it is in!”, he means that
1) the house is in a very bad condition.
2) the location of the house is horrible.
3) the house still needs to be paid for.

8. Patricia earns her living by being
1) a youtuber.
2) an electrician.
3) an artist.

9. What is the presenter’s general attitude towards Patricia’s project?
1) highly enthusiastic
2) somewhat skeptical
3) completely indifferent