12.12.2018 Диагностическая работа №1 по английскому языку 11 класс АЯ10101


КИМы: АЯ10101 (Устная+Письменная части)

Официальные Ответы (1 часть): АЯ10101

Официальные Критерии (2 часть): АЯ10101

Инструкция по скачиванию




Некоторые задания  с работы:

1. Entertainment is important for me too!
2. Holidays are not for workaholics like me.
3. My trips require a lot of preparation.
4. Being brave makes me feel good.
5. Holidays are meant for relaxation.
6. Family members should help each other.
7. It might be hard but it’s worth it!

Dr. Bennet is a medical doctor who specializes in treating
1) children.
2) grown-ups.
3) astronauts.

According to Dr. Bennet, which of the following is NOT what healthcare and spaceflights are similar in?
1) Both include dangerous procedures.
2) Both have complicated structures.
3) Both require considerable financing.