Официальные задания и ответы конкурса Британский Бульдог (British Bulldog) 15 декабря 2021


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  • Официальные задания и ответы конкурса по английском языку «British Bulldog»;
  • В стоимость входят: все задания, аудио и ответы на все задания;
  • Официальные задания и ответы будут доступны сразу после оплаты;
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Некоторые задания 2 класс:

1. Where does the Addam family live? The Addam family lives in … .
A) Moscow B) London
C) Liverpool D) New York
Ответ: C

2. Where does Mr Addam work? He works in a … .
A) shop B) school C) park D) hospital
Ответ: B

3. What does Mr Addam do? He is a … .
A) teacher B) doctor
C) driver D) manager
Ответ: A

4. How many children do Mr and Mrs Addam have?
A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4
Ответ: B

5. What do Jacky and Bill do? They are … .
A) sportsmen B) workers
C) teachers D) students
Ответ: D

Посмотри на слова и выбери те, в которых сочетание букв «th» читается как [ð] 6. A) thirty B) thing C) think D) weather
Ответ: D

7. A) that B) three C) maths D) throw
Ответ: A

8. A) thick B) other C) health D) therapy
Ответ: B

9. A) this B) thank C) mouth D) thirteen
Ответ: A

10. A) thin B) tooth C) theory D) mother
Ответ: D

11. He works in a hospital and treats patients.
A) A doctor B) A painter
C) A farmer D) A shop assistant
Ответ: A

12. She sings a song.
A) A doctor B) A shop assistant
C) A singer D) A farmer
Ответ: C

13. He paints a picture.
A) A doctor B) A painter
C) A farmer D) A shop assistant
Ответ: B

Некоторые задания 3-4 класс:

1. What class are the pupils in? In the … .
A) 4th B) 5th C) 6th D) 7th
Ответ: C

2. Which city are the children from? They are from … .
A) London B) Oxford
C) Manchester D) a small village
Ответ: C

3. When was the baby tiger born? … ago.
A) A week B) Two weeks
C) Three weeks D) Four weeks
Ответ: C

4. What does the baby tiger enjoy eating?
A) Meat B) Fruits
C) Vegetables D) Ice cream
Ответ: D

5. Why must the children be quiet? The
baby tiger might be … . A) eating
B) sleeping
C) playing
D) jumping
Ответ: B

Read the text
and answer the questions I come home before midnight because the journey from the Television Centre to my home in north London takes six minutes. My family are all asleep when I get in, but I usually make a drink of hot milk and read a book for about an hour. I always get up to have breakfast with my three children before they catch the school bus. Then I takethe newspapers and go back to bed for a short time. Later on, I go for a swim.I sometimes go running. I have done the London Marathon twice. That’s a race of over 40 kilometres. I finished each time,but I wasn’t among the first! I start work after lunch at two o’clock, when I go to my office.

6. When does the man come home?
A) At midnight B) Before 12 o’clock a.m.
C) At dawn D) At 12 o’clock p.m.
Ответ: B

7. Where does the man work? At the … .
A) airport B) theatre
C) TV Centre D) stadium
Ответ: C

8. What does the man do before going to bed? He … .
A) watches TV B) plays games
C) surfs the net D) reads and drinks milk
Ответ: D

9. How do the children get to school?
A) By car B) By tram
C) By bus D) By bike
Ответ: C

10. What does the man do before his work? He … .
A) dances B) swims
C) jumps D) sings
Ответ: B

Некоторые задания 5-6 класс:

1. What is the programme Eat Well about?
A) Food B) Music C) Dogs D) Painting
Ответ: A

2. When can you watch Eat Well? At … o’clock.
A) 11 B) 12 C) 2 D) 3
Ответ: A

3. Who is Michael White?
A) A chef B) A singer C) A dancer D) A painter
Ответ: B

4. How many songs will Michael White sing?
A) 4 B) 5 C) 6 D) 7
Ответ: C

5. Which is Michael White’s favourite song? “You are the … .”
A) Sun Glasses B) Sunlight
C) Sunshine D) Sun Rays
Ответ: C

6. When else can you see the programme about Michael White?
A) At 2 o’clock B) On Monday
C) At 3 o’clock D) On Friday
Ответ: B

7. What can Tony Smart teach you to do?
A) To paint pictures B) To sing
C) To do nothing D) To care about animals
Ответ: A

8. Who plays the leading role in the drama On the Farm?
A) Michael White B) Tony Smart
C) Tony White D) Jason Davis
Ответ: D

9. Which animal stars with him? A … .
A) cat B) dog C) horse D) donkey
Ответ: B

10. Which is the last programme for today?
A) Eat Well B) The one about swimming
C) A drama D) The news programme
Ответ: D

Read the text and answer the questions
This is the story of a ghost. He lives in the beautiful Centerville Castle. Mr Otis and his family live there, too. The ghost has big red eyes, grey hair, a long nose, thin legs and a white face. He thinks he’s very frightening. But nobody is afraid of him. The ghost is very sad and unhappy. He cries in his room in the tower. Mr Otis’ daughter, Virginia, feels sorry for him and wants to help him. The ghost tells her about his problem. He can only rest when a girl with blonde hair helps him and the almond tree in the garden has flowers. Virginia and the ghost go through a wall. The Otis family looks for Virginia in the rooms, under the beds, behind the doors, and on the roof. They finally see her sitting under the almond tree in the garden. They look up and notice that the almond tree has flowers. Virginia and the ghost can finally rest. Now they are happy.

11. What creature lives in the castle?
A) A leprechaun B) A ghost
C) A werewolf D) A zombie
Ответ: B

12. What does the creature think of himself?
A) He’s ugly B) He’s handsome
C) He’s scary D) He’s charming
Ответ: C

13. Are the inhabitants of the castle afraid of him?
A) Yes, some B) Yes, all of them
C) No, nobody D) No, only the girl
Ответ: C

14. How does the ghost feel?
A) He’s pleased B) He’s happy
C) He’s upset D) He’s lost
Ответ: C

15. What does he often do in his tower?
A) He sleeps B) He has meals
C) He dances D) He sobs
Ответ: D

Некоторые задания 7-8 класс:

1. Who visits the girl?
A) David B) Jim C) Susan D) Tom
Ответ: A

2. What does she offer the visitor?
A) Tea B) Milk C) Coffee D) Smoothie
Ответ: C

3. Who is the last to agree on the plan of the route?
A) David B) Jim C) Susan D) Tom
4. What was David busy with?
Ответ: A

A) Writing poems B) Preparing for exams
C) Writing a thesis D) Revising the rules
Ответ: C

5. What is marked on the map?
A) Hospitals B) Sights
C) Airports D) Police stations
Ответ: B

6. When are they going to be in Paris? On the … .
A) 22nd B) 23rd C) 24th D) 25th
Ответ: D

7. How are they going to get to Paris?
A) By car B) By bus C) By plane D) By train
Ответ: D

8. Why have they booked a sleeper?
A) It is the cheapest
B) They would like to sit up all night
C) They didn’t want to sleep
D) They want to have a good sleep
Ответ: D

9. Why don’t they want to have meals inrestaurants?
A) The food isn’t tasty
B) The service is bad
C) So they can save money
D) So they can save time
Ответ: C

10. Why will it be good to stay in a hostel, in their opinion? They could … .
A) walk a lot B) enjoy the scenery
C) watch TV D) cook their own food
Ответ: D

Read the text and answer the questions The Equator passes through the land of eleven countries of the world, such as Kenya, Indonesia, Brazil and so on. Bolivia is nearer the Equator than Greece, but Greece is nearer the Equator than Denmark. The countries on the Equator mostly have tropical rainforest or an equatorial climate. Places nearer the Equator are hotter, and average annual rainfall is quite high. But why? The Equatordivides the planet into a Northern Hemisphere and a Southern Hemisphere. It is halfway between theNorth Pole and the South Pole. The Earth is widest at its Equator. The heat comes from the Sun. The heat is the same at the Equator and at the Poles. But near the Poles the heat covers a larger areathan at the Equator. So at the Poles each place gets less heat and it is colder. That’s why places farther from the Equator are colder.

11. Which of the listed countries is the nearest to the Equator?
A) Denmark B) Greece C) Bolivia D) Russia
Ответ: C

12. How many countries does the Equator gothrough?
A) 3 B) 5 C) 8 D) 11
Ответ: D

13. Which country mentioned in the text does the Equator not go through?
A) Brazil B) Kenya
C) Greece D) Indonesia
Ответ: C

14. What is typical for the most of the countries on the Equator?
A) Taiga B) Glacier
C) Steppe D) Tropical rainforest
Ответ: D

15. What about the places nearer the Equator? They are … .
A) colder B) chillier C) hotter D) cooler
Ответ: C

Некоторые задания 9-1 класс:

1. For how long did the adventure last?
A) A week B) More than two months
C) A year D) More than three weeks
Ответ: D

2. Why did the guys have to shorten their journey? They had no … .
A) time and health B) desire and opportunity
C) money and energy D) interest and transport
Ответ: C

3. How did they travel?
A) On foot B) By plane C) By ship D) By train
Ответ: D

4. Why did the young people agree on their route beforehand? To avoid … .
A) criticism B) disappointment
C) quarrels D) pleasure
Ответ: C

5. Why did they have to change some of their plans? They found out the place was … .
A) insecure B) not worth visiting
C) notorious D) too crowded
Ответ: B

6. Where did they prefer to sleep?
A) In tents B) At hotels
C) At hostles D) On the train
Ответ: D

7. What was wrong with the young man’s tent? It … .
A) was stuffy inside B) didn’t protect from the rain
C) was too big D) was very expensive
Ответ: B

8. What did the young man do to avoid robbery? He put his passport and money … .
A) under the pillow B) in his boots
C) in his rucksack D) in his sleeping bag
Ответ: D

9. What are the guys doing to prepare for their next adventure? They are … .
A) studying the maps B) buying necessary thing
C) saving money D) discussing their route
Ответ: C

10. What do they think is the advantage of sleeping on the train? It is … .
A) enjoyable B) expensive and comfortable
C) unusual D) unexpensive and comfy
Ответ: D

Read the text and answer the questions
It is no coincidence that we use colours to describe our moods. For example, if we are feeling depressed we say we are feeling ‘blue’. It seems highly likely that the colours that surround us really do affect our emotions. In doing so, it is possible that they may also influence our health. Over two thousand years ago, scientists and philosophers wrote of the healing powers of colour, while in ancient Egypt temples were designed so that sunlight shone through precious stones to create a mystical red light. We now refer to this belief about the powers of colour as ‘colour therapy’. Therapists claim that we can alter how we feel emotionally by makinguse of different colours in rooms to lighten our mood. For example, many public buildings, including hospitals, favour green or blue walls so as to create a calming atmosphere and cause stress levels to go down. Claims have even been made that different colours can be helpful in the treatment of conditions such as insomnia, toothache and depression.

11. What does “to feel blue” mean? I’m … .
A) happy B) excited
C) shocked D) sad
Ответ: D

12. What did scientists write about colours many years ago? They could … .
A) insult people B) change people
C) treat people D) inspire people
Ответ: C

13. What colour did the sunlight transform into in ancient Egyptian temples?
A) Yellow B) Red
C) White D) Pink
Ответ: B

14. On what condition could the sunlight transform into that colour? The sunlight shone through the … .
A) water B) mud
C) pebbles D) precious stones
Ответ: D

15. What does the expression “colour therapy” imply?
A) Healing people B) Amusing people
C) Charming people D) Entertaining people
Ответ: A